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Chamber Music Festival Based in Toronto, Canada, and in Canna, Italy

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Celebrate your love of chamber music with an offering from the Incontri di Canna International Chamber Music Festival. Our Toronto, Canada, based organizers operate an annual music festival in the town of Canna, Italy each year. From July 24 - August 14, you can enjoy memorable performances of the world's most important masterworks.

Canna is a small village of approximately 800 people - 1,000 in August - situated in the mountains in the northern-most part of Calabria, about ten kilometers from the Ionian Sea. It boasts two wonderful restaurants, "Le Logge" - a refurbished old mill, and "L'Isola Che Non-C'e" - featuring "al fresco" dining in a splendid garden of lemon, lime and orange trees.

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Incontri di Canna

The word "incontri" in Italian means "meetings". We find this appropriate because we meet on so many different levels. To begin with, there are the musical levels. In our fifteen-year history 105 musicians from 23 countries - 30 of them from Canada - have performed in Canna. All of us have varying musical ideas and unique musical perspectives which we share with each other and then integrate into the performances. If you find the opportunity to watch, on the BRAVO channel, "Concert in Canna" you will see exactly how this process takes place.

From the audience perspective, the Cannese are "meeting" some of the most important chamber music works written over the centuries, perhaps for the first time - certainly live for the first time.


Also we "meet" with the folk musicians who are quite skilled and use ancient heritage instruments and styles. And there are individual "meetings" between the musicians and the Cannese and friendships are formed. The Cannese are very warm-hearted and welcoming.

Then there are the "meetings" of different cultures. The food and wines are grown primarily in this small agrarian community and often are produced via the oldest of recipes.

Finally, we stand on the ground of Ionia - part of Ancient Greece - and the many opportunities to visit archaeological sites bring about yet another type of "meeting".

Incontri di Canna  bestrides two continents - one foot is in Toronto, Canada, where its headquarters are located; the other in Italy, where the festival takes place. Frequently, the Canadian artists who meet in Italy bring back their performances to share with Canadian audiences.

Contact our chamber music festival organizers at (011-39) 346-026-9112 to take part in this year's celebration.

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Since the Comune di Canna supports the accommodation and meals for the musicians, the concert prices for the Cannese are always free. As a result, you should reserve the available seating early.

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